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11.4.15 : 60s Samuel Winston Roxane brocade dress

8.6.15 : 40s cotton ruffle dress

7.13.15 : 50s Gretta Plattry cotton dress

7.3.15 : Pringle 50s cashmere + lace sweater; Lilli Ann eyelash wool + velvet swing coat

7.1.15 : new discount items: 1950s polka dot dress + 1940s ermine jacket

6.24.15 : JEAN MUIR silk babydoll dress; 50s 60s Neiman Marcus silk evening dress; 50s Oleg Cassini dress for study; Saks 60s crepe dress

6.17.15 : 50s bow + bouquet print dress.

6.15.15 : 50s tiki dress.

6.13.15 : 50s pink cotton dress and raw silk dress + cape; Betsey Johnson punk label dress.

5.27.15 : Gorgeous 50s chiffon party dress; sweet Henri Bendel 90's suede skirt jumper.

5.26.15 : 1960s Philip Hulitar jacket; leather boots; Mr John hatbox.

5.18.15 : 1930s bias-cut velvet dress; great 1950's/60's Oleg Cassini cocktail dress.

4.25.15 : 1970s Loden-Frey coat, velvet Givenchy Nouvelle dress.

3.20.15 : Updating Accessories with leather belts, Gucci purse.

2.7.15 : Two Vicuna 1960's coats, late 50's/60's Saks Fifth Avenue party dress.

1.27.15 : 10% OFF SALE! Enter code SNOW2015 at checkout. Expires midnight 1/28/15.

1.20.15 : New additions: 1930's silk velvet coat & 1960's leopard print coat.

1.17.15 : New additions: 1980's red/crystal fox fur coat.

1.12.15 : New additions: 1980's Karl Lagerfeld jacket with tags and Cerruti 1881 quilted silky jacket.

12.22.14 : New additions: 1950's Gothé Bonwit Teller silk dress set.

12.8.14 : New additions: 1970's Malcolm Starr silk chiffon dress; 1950's white rayon cocktail dress with cutouts.

12.6.14 : New additions: 1930's pink crepe evening gown & Lilli Ann coat and dress set.

11.29.14 : Price reductions on several dresses.

11.27.14 : New additions: Stylish 1930's cotton dress; 1970's suede/shearling embroidered coat.

11.18.14 : New additions: 70's Halston ultrasuede dress; silk chiffon 1920's dress.

11.3.14 : New additions: Claire McCardell tissue silk dress.

11.1.14 : New additions: two 1940's purses, corde and velvet.

10.27.14 : New additions: 1950's Sophie Original silk damask dress and 7 1/2B Ferragamo boots.

10.20.14 : New additions: 1950's dress with a plaid taffeta lined flared hemline.

10.18.14 : New additions: new dresses being added to the Backroom Finds section including an amazing 1920's abstract print dress.

09.15.14 : Changes to our return policy. Click HERE for more info.

04.28.14 : New additions to Backroom Finds, all under $100.

04.10.14 : New additions: 1950's HATTIE CARNEGIE lace cocktail dress; 1960's HELENA BARBIERI silk chiffon evening gown.

03.21.14 : New additions: 1950's CAROLYN SCHNURER batik dress, 1950's/60's OLEG CASSINI silk cocktail dress and 1940's sheer rayon day dress.

02.11.14 : New additions: 1950's HELENA BARBIERI faille and velvet evening gown; 1980's Lillie Rubin/Harvé Benard beaded jacket.

01.29.14 : New additions: 1960's Italian silk jersey dresses, EMILIA BELLINI & BONWIT TELLER; ADDIE MASTERS silk cocktail dress; 1940's near mint gab swing coat.

01.24.14 : New additions: 1950's and 60's cocktail and party dresses, including an early SARMI silk evening dress.

01.11.14 : New additions: 1950's EDITH SMALL faille jacket, NATHAN-STRONG silk linen/satin cocktail, Terry Allen twist front cocktail and a lace illusion cocktail dress.

01.03.14 : New additions: 1950's IRENE Lentz silk suit, 1960's CEIL CHAPMAN draped cocktail dress.

12.11.13 : New additions: Early 60's LILLI ANN coat, 1950's OLEG CASSINI crepe cocktail, 1950's ANNE FOGARTY quilted circle dress, 1960's ESTEVÉZ mink wrap

12.04.13 : New additions: Late 1950's brocade cocktail dress, MARY SACHS silk cocktail dress, HARVEY BERIN silk chantilly lace dress, NETTIE ROSENSTEIN structured silk dress and a 1970's reversible BURBERRY wool coat.

11.26.13 : New additions: 1970's NORELL coat, 1940's wool swing coat with curly lamb collar, 1980's St. John Sweater, 1960's Jerry Silverman cocktail dress; New items added to our Discount Section.

11.7.13 : New additions: 1940's gorgeous deco rayon dress, adorable 1940's black velvet strapless dress and early 1960's Oleg Cassini velvet dress.

11.3.13 : New additions: 1950's Samuel Winston dress, 1930's silk chiffon bias-cut evening gown and 1930's gingham gown and robe set.

10.21.13 : New additions: Marshall Field's French purse; 3 pairs vintage glasses including Ted Lapidus sunglasses.

10.20.13 : New additions: Several vintage accessories including purses, an ostrich fan, and scarves.

10.15.13 : New additions: Several vintage scarves. New markdowns and sale items!

10.14.13 : New additions: Two late 1950's dresses and several designer silk scarves.

9.21.13 : New additions: 1950's Rudolf black silk & wool dress, Montaldo's honey mink wrap with pockets, Dan Millstein purple wool coat with fur collar.

8.31.13 : New additions: 1950's Christian Dior blue silk and velvet evening dress, red carved bakelite bracelet, and several purses from the 1920's and 30's.

8.23.13 : New additions: 1950's Edward Abbott silk dress and 1950's brocade cocktail dress.

7.6.13 : New additions: 1950's designer Maxwell Shieff formal lace dress

6.28.13 : New reduced shipping costs and free domestic shipping on most items!

6.14.13 : New additions: 1950's Howard Greer dramatic bolero jacket.

6.12.13 : New additions: 1950's silk satin cocktail dress and 1970's Missoni chevron sweater.

6.9.13 : New additions: 1950's Nathan Strong ruched cocktail dress and 1960's Rudi Gernreich silk chiffon dress.

6.5.13 : New additions: 1950's Don Loper crepe dress.

6.1.13 : New additions: 1960's Galanos wool coat dress; 1940's asymmetrical crepe dress with swag; 1980's Betsey Johnson 'punk label' dress.

4.6.13 : New additions: 1940's/50's Nettie Rosenstein bias cut dress; 1970's Halston asymmetrical black silk jersey gown.

3.29.13 : New additions: Ceil Chapman draped floral silk dress.

3.27.13 : New additions: Updating the Discount Room.

3.25.13 : New additions: 1940's/1950's Jacques Fath black crepe and silk sculptural cocktail dress.

3.16.13 : New additions: 1950's Frank Starr silk satin cocktail dress with lace, sequins and beading.

3.15.13 : New additions: 1950's silk chiffon and lace Rudolf cocktail dress.

3.10.13 : New additions: 1980's sequined St. John knit dress.

3.4.13 : New additions: Early 1960's Ben Reig unique cut crepe cocktail dress.

3.3.13 : New additions: 1980's St. John Knit dress.

3.1.13 : New additions: Dramatic Nettie Rosenstein cocktail dress.

2.28.13 : Just returned from shopping trip and will update the site soon!

1.28.13 : New additions: Several items marked down to make way for new inventory.

1.23.13 : New additions: 1950's Oleg Cassini blue wool metallic brocade dress.

1.21.13 : New additions: 1950's Suzy Perette black raw silk dress.

1.17.13 : New additions: Late 1950's Grenelle Estevez green jacquard cocktail dress; 1950's plum silk chiffon cocktail dress.

11.16.12 : New additions: 1970's Werle Beverly Hills sparkle evening dress.

10.4.12 : New additions: Circa 1905 Louis Vuitton Leather Wardrobe Steamer Trunk.

9.12.12 : New additions: 1950's Seymour Jacobson pink gingham dress.

9.11.12 : New additions: 1950's Nettie Rosenstein leather briefcase box purse.

7.22.12 : New additions: 1950's Gigi Young silk floral dress.

7.21.12 : New additions: 1950's Suzanne-Augustine silk satin and velvet roses cocktail dress.

7.19.12 : New additions: 1950's Bonwit Teller/Carolyn Schnurer dress, 1920's burnout velvet two-piece dress set.

7.14.12 : New additions: 1950's Shannon Rodgers sheer floral full circle skirt party dress.

7.10.12 : New additions: 1960's Oleg Cassini cocktail dress set.

7.7.12 : New additions: 1950's Carolyn Schnurer red cotton dress, 1950's floral polished cotton cocktail dress, and a 1950's cream silk satin Hattie Carnegie dress.

6.21.12 : New additions: 1950's Helga silk damask cocktail dress and new/old 1950's cotton sundress with tags.

6.2.12 : New additions: 1980's new/old stock French Cacharel swimsuits, mint condition.

6.1.12 : New additions: Galanos 1950's coat dress; 1950's Estevez cocktail dress, unique 1940's wool dress.

5.24.12 : New additions to our Designer Resale section: New with tags Fendi Zucca purse

4.25.12 : New additions: Adding new dresses!

4.11.12 : New additions: 1950's Grenelle Estetvez cocktail dress, 1940's suede brass studded heels and a Jacques Fath silk chiffon scarf with box.

4.2.12 : New additions: 1950's & 1960's silk scarves; 1974 Gucci scarf; wonderful Nettie Rosenstein leather box purse.

3.22.12 : New additions: 1950's sculptural silk dress & 1960's Bullock's houndstooth cape.

3.5.12 : New additions: Beautiful designer scarves being added.

2.8.12 : New additions: Beautiful 1940's and 1950's box purses being added.

1.15.12 : New additions: 1950's Montaldo's chantilly lace dress; 1940's floral cotton and lace day dress.

1.13.12 : New additions: 1950's Harvey Berin linen cocktail dress.

1.12.12 : New additions: 1950's Saks 34th mink collar wool princess coat.

1.10.12 : New additions: 1940's/1950's Lilli Ann silk suit with peplum, 1960's silk shantung cocktail.

1.9.12 : New additions: 1950's circle skirt party dress, late 1950's Oleg Cassini, Harvey Berin and 1960's sari fabric cocktail dress.

12.21.11 : Ransohoffs 50's wool coat, 20's silk satin blouse, St. John Sweater, 20's new/old leather heels, 50's B. Altman velvet coat, Early Peggy Hunt day dress.

12.17.11 : Beautiful Victorian beaded miser purse added, excellent condition.

12.16.11 : Updating the Outerwear Section: 1940's princess coat, 1960's wool Originala coat.

12.12.11 : Updating the Shoes Section: 1920's pumps and 1950's suede heels.

12.3.11 : New additions to dresses: 50's Nicholas Unger and 1970's Lillie Rubin.

12.1.11 : Updating the Accessories and Discount Sections.

11.23.11 : New additions to Dresses and Suits, including a 1940's wool suit, 1950's Mary Sachs silk organza evening dress, Travilla 1950's ombre silk brocade coat and dress set, a polished cotton 1950's dress and 1950's cocktail dresses.

11.2.11 : New additions to Separates, including Ben Reig jacket and 1950's houndstooth cape; New Discount items - three dresses from 1940's-1960's.

10.25.11 : New additions including 1920's Adoria label flowered chiffon dress, 1950's Will Steinman damask cocktail, 1950's gathered chiffon party dress and 1950's ribbon and velvet party dress.

9.12.11 : New additions including a 1930's velvet jacket and a Claire McCardell dress. More new additions on the way.

9.6.11: New additions including a Bonwit Teller Edwardian Jacket, 1950's wool Claire McCardell dress and dresses from the 1920's, 1930's and 1950's. More new additions on the way.

1.5.11 : New additions to the Discount and Separates section. 1920's & 30's dresses, 1940's cord jacket, 1980's St. John bolero.

7.23.10: Update: 1950's Rudolf lace cocktail dress, two 1950's Claire McCardell dresses with brass hooks, new additions to the discount section.

5.30.10: New Additions : 1950's Ceil Chapman woven evening gown, Saks Fifth cocktail, custom sheer organza party dress.

5.7.10: Update: 1950's Hawaiian Kamehameha dress, ruched brocade cocktail, Malcolm Starr beaded dress.

2.28.10: Update: New items being added, two 1950's Hawaiian dresses.

2.5.10: Update: New discount items being added to the website.

1.18.10: Update: New items being added including Greta Plattry, Lilli Ann coat & suit, 1950's flocked party dress, Hattie Carnegie suit.

12.20.09: Update: New items trickling in including an Estevez cut-out party dress, Oleg Cassini wool secretary dress.

12.17.09: Update: New items trickling in, Charles David & Ferragamo riding boots.

12.14.09: Update: New items being added, 140's and 50's dresses being added.

12.7.09: Update: New items being added, wonderful Pauline Trigère coat, Dan Millstein trapeze coat, 1940's and 50's dresses on the way.

11.28.09: Update: New items including Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, Oscar de La Renta 60's dress, near mint 1930's velvet & fur jacket, 1940's jeweled sweater.

11.2.09: Update: New items including Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, 1950's Saks Fifth, I. Magnin, and Harvey Berin.

9.1.09: Update: Adding new items, including 1950's Lee Cliare, Neiman Marcus, and more.

8.17.09: Update: 1950's Gothé silk evening dress, Parklane Debs, Saks, Helga Oppenheimer; 1940's beaded cocktail, 1930's silk velvet evening gown.

7.2.09: Update: 1950's dresses from Ceil Chapman, Garfinkel's, and Parklane Debs.

6.27.09: Update: 1950's and 1960's dresses, including Estevez, Ceil Chapman, Helft's of Bevery Hills.

5.27.09: Update: 1950's Milgrim party dress, Garfinkel's silk cocktail, blue linen secretary dress.

5.17.09: Update: Cute dresses from the 1950's including Greta Plattry, and a 50's wasp waist suit.

4.30.09: Update: Amazing Nettie Rosenstein dress, 1940's rayon from Bonwit Teller, and beautiful 1930's coats. Also, dresses from Milgrim, Mari and more.

3.16.09: Update: 1950's dresses from Claire McCardell, Pattullo-Jo Copeland and Harrods Rembrandt; 1940's polka dot suit. Update at 12pm Eastern Standard Time.

2.23.09: Update: 1950's dresses from Hattie Carnegie, Dorothy O'Hara, Saks Fifth Avenue and a 50's organza ruffle cocktail dress.

1.19.09: Update: 2 1950's Milgrim dresses, a woven front dress attributed to Claire McCardell, Dayton's Oval Room/House of Kunel, 1930's rhinestone collar gown, 50's silk dress and opera coat.

12.30.08: Update: Milgrim, Frank Starr, Harzfeld's 1950's lace gown, Furstenberg leopard print dress, Saks 50's cocktail, and a cute secretary-style dress.

11.23.08: Mini Update: Oscar de La Renta, Milgrim, Lilli Ann, and Ceil Chapman.

11.16.08: Mini Update: 1940's & 50's dresses. Also, new additions to our Discount section.

11.2.08: Mini Update: 50's Leslie Fay, Rappi and Edward Abbott party dresses, 1930's velvet evening gown.

10.17.08: Mini Update: Jean Muir, Bullock's, 1950's Harvey Berin, a cute 40's party dress and a pair of turn of the century lace-up boots.

9.7.08: New Additions: Martini silk bustle dress, Harvey Berin silk accordion pleat 1950's dress, 1920's pink velvet party dress, 1950's silk snowflake dress, 1940's bead & sequin crepe dress, 1970's Helga ruched chiffon column dress, 1950's net & lace overlay.

7.30.08: New Additions: Suzanne-Augustine lace dress, 1930's appliqued chiffon dress/slip, 1950's silk brocade cocktail, 1950's Peggy Hunt cocktail, 1960's Birds of Britain fashion book.

6.17.08: New Additions: Several 1950's cotton dresses, Ceil Chapman Sculptural silk dress, Maxwell Shieff silk organza party dress, 50's silk faille evening dress, GiGi Young faille party dress, 1930's sheer appliqued dress, 1950's silk flowered scarf dress. New discount items.

5.27.08: New Additions: 1950's Estevez, Helga Oppenheimer, Harvey Berin, Adele Simpson, Saks, Robert-Martin, beautiful 1950's ruched cocktails, unique 1950's party dresses, 1930's evening dresses.

5.8.08: New Additions: 1950's Ceil Chapman, Modern Couture, Mignon, Dior coat dress, G. Fox shantung dress and coat, Edward Abbott, 1930's crepe dress set, unique 1970's fur cape.

3.2.08: New Additions: Lilli Ann suit, Samuel Winston cocktail, 1950's ruched bustle gown, Will Steinman party dress, Sally Milgrim 1940's dress, Jr. Flair, 1950's Oleg Cassini, Velvet & faille 50's cocktail, Ben Reig lace cocktail, never worn 1940's dress in original box.

1.30/31.08: New Additions: Adding new items including Sophie Gimbel of Saks, Lilli Ann, Werle, Montaldo's and a never worn 1920's coat.
1.10.07: New Additions: 1950's/60's dresses & coats including Hannah Troy, Helen Whiting and John Doyle Bishop.

1.3.07: New Additions: New items being added daily this week. Many items marked down!

12.21.07: New Additions: Coats.

12.11.07: New Additions: Ceil Chapman, Harry Keiser, Oleg Cassini and other 1950's and 60's dresses, coats and suits.

12.10.07: Jewelry Boutique update! New earrings!

11.26.07: Discount Section: Updating the Discount Section.

11.25.07: New Additions: Many 1950's & 60's dresses including Emma Domb & Oscar de la Renta. Silk brocade, red velvet Ceil Chapman-style cocktail, leopard coats, etc...

11.12.07: New Additions: 1950's dresses from Anne Verdi, Bergdorf, B. Altman, Anna Miller jacket, 1950's wasp waist suit, 1930's & 1940's dresses.

11.2.07: New Additions: 1930's & 40's lingerie.

10.29.07: New Additions: Harvey Berin Chantilly lace dress, Milgrim 1950's 2-piece dress and coat, Oleg Cassini military-inspired cocktail dress, John Doyle Bishop cocktail, Blums 1940's Suit, 1940's Lord & Taylor crepe dress, and other dresses from the 1940's and 50's.

10.7.07: New Additions Large update. Hattie Carnegie, Missoni, Halston, Don Loper, Mollie Parnis, Bill Blass, Helga, Hannah Troy and dresses from the 1950's.

8.28.07: New Additions 1950's Ceil Chapman cocktail dress, 1950's Surf & Sand Hawaiian dress.

8.1.07: New Additions 1950's Bonwit Teller silk faille dress, "French Room" 50's silk damask cocktail dress, flowered black cotton 50's dress, Deco 1930's sheer cotton dress and several updated items.

6.8.07: New Additions from the 1950's including a sequin & beaded cocktail dress, Will Steinman ruched party dress, Saks embroidered party dress, Tabak Hawaiian sarong dress, rayon shelf bust dress, and new additions to the discount section.

5.27.07: New Additions from the 1950's including a silk flowered Ceil Chapman-style dress, fuchsia chiffon party dress, ruffled gingham party dress, custom chiffon party dress, Greta Plattry Dress, crepe ruched dress & white satin formal.

5.23.07: New jewelry designs are being added to the Jewelry Boutique.

5.21.07: New Additions: coats & suits; 50's painted Mexican skirt; 50's pink chiffon party dress; 40's appliqued mesh dress; 50's sculptural polished cotton dress.

4.30.07: Currently updating the site, please excuse any missing pics or pages.

4.29.07: Several discounted items. New Additions

4.19/20.07: Next update Thursday/Friday: 1940's & 50's dresses. B. Altman, Saks Fifth, Dorothy O'Hara and more.New Additions

4.13.07: Sorry for the delay on the update, having technical difficulties.


4.12/13.07: Next update Thursday/Friday: 1920's & 30's dresses.

4.5/6.07: Next update Thursday/Friday: 1940's crepe flowered dresses, 1950's red tulle evening dress, 50's silk stripe dress and new sale items including a couple 50's party dresses.

3.30/31.07: Next update Friday/Saturday! Samuel Winston satin dress, R&K Originals party dress, Oleg Cassini Cocktail, Gigi Young, Exceptional accordion pleat 50's dress, 50's chiffon party dress, and new sale items.

3.25.07: New Additions : Bill Blass 60's dress, 50's Dan Millstein/Bonwit princess coat, I Magnin 60's dress, Lanz summer dress, new additions to the discount section.

3.17.07: New Additions : 50's cocktails (Norman Original, Ferman O'Grady, Elliette), Edward Abbott cocktail, De Pinna 50's ruched silk evening gown, 1920's heels, Burberrys cashmere scarf, 70's Oscar de la Renta dress, 1930's lace gown, 60's Best & Co. mini dress, Jerry Silverman dress, 1970's sweater dress.

3.7.07: New Additions : 1940's black crepe ruffle dress; several 1980's designer & high end coats; new discount items being added.

3.3.07: New Additions : 1980's FŽraud items including a beautiful chiffon party dress and boucle jacket. Halston & Jerry Silverman. 50's dresses from Frank Starr and Gigi Young.

3.2.07: New Additions : Several beautiful scarves added to the accessories section including Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Geoffrey Beene, and never worn Chanel and Escada.

2.21.07: New Additions : Gothe/Nicholas Ungar dress, 60's brocade mini, 70's Bonwit Teller suit, Never worn 40's dresses, 80's Dior & Natori lingerie.

2.15.07: New Additions : Jean Muir, 40's swing coat, 50's draped party dress, 70's Italian knit dress & shawl, Lagerfeld skirt.

2.1.07: New Additions : high style 1980's ruffled jacket, Norman Norell, Halston w/tags.