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Our mission at Hemlock Vintage is to not only have one of the best vintage sites on the internet, but to create a unique online vintage boutique that challenges many of the standards of vintage resale. We offer a fashionable quality stock and no-nonsense descriptions of the clothing. Every piece at Hemlock Vintage is hand-picked based not only on appeal, but on craftsmanship. The clothing is thoroughly examined for flaws inside and out. We refurbish the clothing and list any issues in the item description.

Wearing vintage is an excellent way of approaching fashion. Not only is vintage less expensive than designer clothing and usually superior in quality to what you will find today, but the wide range of styles offers endless possibilities. Vintage also allows you to be creative with your wardrobe, developing your own style or defining who you are as an individual. No matter what, vintage is definitely a fun way to express yourself. Plus you are recycling and can always resell your vintage pieces when you are ready for something new.

Please visit our "About Us" page for more info.